Know your sales anytime anywhere

Grasp opportunities and craft strong growth strategies powered by strong analytics on your hands

Reports and Analytics

Operating reports, Sales analytics

You can easily focus on the top metrics that matter - daily traffic, daily sales, new orders, top products, delivery metrics - presented in charts and tables that you can understand, so you keep tabs on how your business is performing every minute. You can also export customer information, order history and product transactions into full-fledged reports for further analysis. We provide you with all the data to help you sell better.

One-click to access all major marketing tools

SHOPLINE knows which marketing tools and trackers matter to you, and we support all of them out of the box. We focus on the integration so you can focus on the ad placements. We continue to optimize them as updates come out so you can be kept up-to-date.

- SHOPLINE supports these marketing tools -

Marketing Trackers

Track your store traffic and customer behavior

Understand where your customers come from and what they do so you can further expand your business growth! Using SHOPLINE and Google Analytics integration, you can have a full picture of how your store performs, including purchase funnels from the first click to the final purchase. Having a complete picture of your operations will help you deliver more value to your customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Blog

Good SEO will help you deliver significant long term value. Improving website content can gradually increase your quality and help raise your rankings in major search engines. SHOPLINE provides the best ways for you to create and optimize content, whether it is on your product pages, campaign pages or your blog. In addition to SEO benefits, great content can help produce a strong and positive brand image.