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Plans and payment

Do I just pay for either monthly or annual fee to use SHOPLINE's service? What plans do you have? How do I apply for that?

SHOPLINE offers three types of paid plans at the moment: basic plan, advanced plan and premium plan. Merchants could select a suitable plan depending on company needs and budget.

For merchants with a limited budget or e-commerce beginners, it is recommended to start with the basic plan and then upgrade to advanced or premium plan when business grows. For experienced sellers, existing brand owners, or people who are already selling through social media, we recommend merchants to opt for premium plan for a full spectrum of features to cater to all your e-commerce needs. If you have any questions about the plans or have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

No matter which plans you choose, there won't be any hidden costs. There is no commission or transaction fee in all three plans.

SHOPLINE offers monthly and annual payment options for the basic and advanced plan, you can use credit card to complete the payment in the admin panel directly. For the premium plan, we offer credit card and bank transfer options.

You can check the detailed features of each plan in the admin panel and then choose to upgrade your plan after the end of your trial period. If you are a paid user and want to upgrade to a higher plan, you can also do it in the admin panel. The upgrade cost will be calculated by the system and updated automatically. In addition, you can also contact our e-commerce consultant for assistance. Please contact our customer success team or make an appointment with our consultant.

Yes! SHOPLINE offers a tailor-made solution for enterprises to build their own unique e-commerce shop. In addition to a personalized website design, we also provide on-site activities and advertising advice. SHOPLINE's customer success team will also provide strategic consulting services for the most suitable online shop solution for you!

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